I'm a storyteller by nature; even my name SAMER translates from Arabic to the person who tells stories at night. 


You would find a diversity in my writings, from books to articles and to general blog posts, and below you will find the different reasons why I write: 



  1. Main Competencies: I specialize in Strategy, Innovation & Psychology

  2. Supporting Competencies: these are skills I have gained over the years of experiences, such as Time Management Public Speaking and more.

  3. Social Responsibility: I have a large number of readers & followers that I share my experience with, and that I 

  4. For Fun: I write multiple genres of fiction, however, I use different pseudonyms for that. 

Strategy, Innovation & Psychology

My main competency falls within Innovation, Strategy & Psychology.

Time Management, Public Speaking & Professional Soft Skills

Along the way, I gained experience in several areas, that includes time management, public speaking skills, and other soft skills. 

Motivation & Self-help

As a social responsibility to my reader & followers, I dedicate a lot of time to publish articles and books related to self-help and motivation.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates  

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