Demand Excellence... And go Beyond

I Once heard a great story about a Very Famous JAZZ Player, who was like 85 at the time but still plays his instrument passionately in a small pub, and at that night barely 2 –3 people showed up (there was Super Bowl finale or something at the same time) … and once asked WHY??? he replied…

“it’s For the Music…”

When you’re doing what you’re doing… most of the times you will need to remind yourself WHY you’re doing so… Community Presentations is never about money, it’s not for Fame, not about fancy claps at the end, and definitely not about getting all those “You were Awesome! I loved every second of your talk” (Off course they are all Nice … )

The key is to give it all you have, Push for EXCELLENCE

And Excellence is not a temporary thing, it’s a lifestyle you try to live… When you want to deliver a technical presentation, you shouldn’t care if there was only 3 people to attend, or if the whole bunch of people who showed up were actually waiting for the end so they grab some cookies and Drinks…

Probably the best people who does that are a the actors who wear the Disney characters, they play the Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Donald duck… etc. EVERY DAY, with the Same Passion… to the extend that there was a time where there was a live performance and no one SHOWED UP To the Act… and the Actors jumped on the Stage and Started Dancing as if the room was filled with 100s of Kids… and you know Why? imagine a Kid who walked into the room and got surprised and ran to his mother and said: “Mommy… Goofy was SMOKING A CIGARETTE!!”

Here’s my last advice to you…


Wear EXCELLENCE every day of your life,

and Do it “For the Music”



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