"I have made a committment since 2002 to donate 8 hours of my time every month to helping others."

Samer Chidiac

When Samer Chidiac started his career, very few people were there to advise and guide him when he needed them the most, therefor SC has committed to giving back to the community by living up to his beliefs and preaches by donating a total of 8 hours per month to non-profits, social communities, entrepreneurs and mostly to his readers and followers from anywhere in the world.

Whether via a Skype call, a phone call, a 1:1 meeting or through inviting him to speak at a event or host a workshop. 

These services are donated Free-of-Charge and are claimed on first-come first-served basis. 

You can also engage quickly with SC by following him on social media and leaving comments and feedback.

After the conclusion of Think Community (2006-2012), the non-profit association that SC Founded and that reached to more than 10,000 individual & Associations throughout the years, SC moved his teachings and visions towards smaller and more focused community initiatives. 


His personal social responsibility project is titled "Influencing the Life of others" that started since 2011 and includes a portfolio of initiatives.


A community aiming at building influencers.

(Since 2013)

Balanced Circles

Self Development Blog / Podcast 

(Since 2017)

7 Minutes Motivation

Weekly Arabic Podcast / English Book

(Since 2012)

The Monday tip

Weekly Tips


Today, i hear you!

Assisting Deaf/Mute Children.

(Since 2015)

Hours bank

A volunteering platform

(Since 2012 -

Currently on Hold)

1 english minute

Learn English within a community online. 

(Coming in 2021)


Receive 1:1 assistance from Samer Chidiac


(Portfolio of initiatives by SC)


  • 1 hr

    Free Coaching
  • 1 hr 30 min

    Free Session
  • 7 hr

    Free Workshop
Dubai, United Arab Emirates  

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